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2004 D1 Champions

The Big Picture 30 – The 2004 Team

2004: A Return To Hershey! By Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter April 04, 2013 Just 36 months following the 2001 team's successful campaign which saw them claim the state championship as they turned back Woodland Hills, 21-17, in the 4A title game at Hershey, the 2004 'Skins were in Chocolate Town looking to grab some gold for themselves. And ... More

game04_IMG_2980 copy

The Big Picture 29 – 500,000 Visitors

The Big Picture By Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter 500,000 and counting: Over half-a-million visitors to ′Skins site! February 26, 2013 Langhorne: They say the numbers don't lie and, in this case, they certainly aren't. For in just the eight years since "the site" started keeping count, over 500,000 fans have now stopped by the ... More


The Big Picture 27 – 85 Years – A Winning Tradition

Neshaminy Redskins football: A winning tradition 85 years in the making! February 18, 2013 Photo above - A night game is played at "Heartbreak Ridge" circa 1958 (the original wooden bleachers and lights seem quaint by today's standards). This coming season will see the Neshaminy Redskins take to the gridiron for their 86th season. ... More

June 13 2011 All Star MVP Dwight Williams

The Big Picture 25 – It’s Almost Time

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter It′s almost time! June 30, 2011 LANGHORNE: The season (that's what I mean). Just think about it, once we hit the July 4th weekend it's just another six weeks or so before pre-season practice kicks off and the first game is then Friday, September 3rd. Why that's practically tomorrow (more ... More


The Big Picture 24 – Some Comings and Goings

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Some comings and goings! June 1, 2011 LANGHORNE: Can you believe it's mid-May already! Time really flies, doesn't it? Course, I think that's just great as it means the football season is only three months away. And as you all have surely become accustomed to hearing from me this same time ... More


The Big Picture 23 – Our Boys of Fall

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Our boys of fall November 7, 2010 Langhorne: Wow - another regular season in the books; another ten games packed away for all time. And just like that too, as it seems like it was just yesterday that we all drove up north a ways to watch the 'Skins play Souderton as the 2010 campaign got ... More


The Big Picture 20 – The Boys of Fall

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter "The Boys of Fall" September 19, 2010 Langhorne: Somebody once told me that no matter how smart you are or how hard you work, somebody out there is a little smarter and working a little harder. And they also said that just when you think you know "better" than anyone else how it all works, ... More


The Big Picture 19 – Finish the Fight Marco Dapkey

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Fight on, Marco Dapkey! July 17, 2010 Langhorne: Every so often the course we've set, the direction we've chosen and the goals we've proclaimed as ours are suddenly and unexpectedly pulled from our grasp. Plus it′s usually a complete surprise as some event or occurrence drops out of ... More


The Big Picture 18 – The Game..

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter "The Game" July 3, 2010 Langhorne: On an unseasonably mild Saturday, November 21, 1971, a highly anticipated football game was played at "Heartbreak Ridge". The featured and well-matched teams were the powerful 10-0 Redskins of Neshaminy and their counterparts, the 9-1 Falcons of Pennsb... More

The Big Picture 17 – 75 Down…7 to go

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Seventy-five down ... seven to go! April 25, 2010 Langhorne: That′s not years I'm talking about, folks. Nope. Think team photos; that's right, team photos. You see, it wasn't too long ago (call it six years) that Bob decided it was time to put together Neshaminy Football dot com. When he ... More