The Big Picture 36 – Schmidt Banks 100th Win

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The BIG Picture

BY Paula G.
Ace Sports Reporter

Schmidt coached ‘Skins bank 100th win

September 12, 2008

LANGHORNE: With Neshaminy’s victory over the Germantown tonight, Coach Schmidt snagged his 100th career win while at the helm of the Redskins. Pushing his overall record to 100 and 50, Schmidt now owns another record for head honchos at the Langhorne school. Beside having already earned the distinction of most games coached as the head man when he mentored number 119 a few years back (breaking the record of Coach Charlie Beck who held the title previously for coaching 118 games during his tenure from 1929 through 1942), Coach Schmidt also eclipsed the 69 wins of the great Harry Franks earlier this decade too. And now he can claim the distinction of being the first Redskin topper to hit the century mark in the victory column as well. Additionally, next year he’ll have the opportunity to pull down the honor of most seasons coached when he can log his 15th which would put him out in front of Coach Beck’s record of 14 years in the hot seat.

Now looking back over the last few years and considering how they’ve whizzed by, it’s hard to believe Coach Schmidt has been directing the team’s destiny since 1995 – but it’s a fact. And what a fabulous trip it’s been as he’s put the ‘Skins squarely on the map in a big, big way. With two trips to Hershey this decade, his teams are in the title hunt year-in and year-out (and the 4A state championship and 2 “finals” appearances are also a record by a Neshaminy coach). Plus with his winning percentage at a solid 67% overall during his run, he’s living in that rarified “wins and losses” atmosphere inhabited by such legendary Redskins coaches as John Petercuskie, Jack Swartz, John Chaump, Mike DeRisi and, of course, Franks. It should also be pointed out that over the last 8 seasons the Tribe’s winning percentage is a phenomenal 75% which puts the club – and Coach Schmidt – solidly in the top tier of the great Pennsylvania schoolboy grid programs of this first decade of the new millennium.

No doubt it goes without saying that the entire Redskin Nation couldn’t be happier that Coach Schmidt came onboard in the mid-90s. And I’m sure I speak for all of us fans when I say we’re all looking forward to many, many more seasons of watching that trademark white towel draped over the shoulder of the Tribe’s Field General – Head Coach Mark Schmidt.

(Although this article highlights Coach Schmidt’s accomplishments, another man who has contributed 100% of his blood, sweat and tears over the last 13 seasons and right on into this 14th of Coach Schmidt is Coach Steve Wilmot. Coming aboard with Schmidt back in 1995, he’s been along for the ride that has seen the ‘Skins land smack dab in the center of the ring as one of Pennsylvania’s premier scholastic football programs. Coach Wilmot – we know Coach Schmidt salutes you for your efforts as do all of us as well.)