2008 Season


The Big Picture 13 – A Salute to the boys of 2008

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter A salute to the boys of 2008! November 24, 2008 Langhorne: Okay folks, after a few days of feeling a little down in the dumps because the season came to an end last Friday night, I thought it might be nice if we took a hard look at the boys and their team of 2008. You see, after everyth... More


The Big Picture 12 – The Tribe

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter The Tribe November 24, 2008 Langhorne: Watching this year's team, this terrific group of young men that have come together in such a positive fashion over the last three months of games, I started thinking about who they are and what they represent; this year's club, this latest "tip of the ... More


The Big Picture 11 – The lunch pail bunch!

The Big Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter The lunch pail bunch! November 14, 2008 Langhorne: The other night I was sitting around with some football folks discussing this year's edition of the Tribe's grid group. And beside the '08 club, the topic also caused us to look back over some of the Red and Blue squads of the past as ... More


The Big Picture 09 – The French Foreign Legion

The BIG Picture By Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter The French Foreign Legion October 6, 2008 Langhorne: On Saturday afternoon I happened to be sitting around reading the William Tennent game "recap" (and looking back over the season too) and it struck me that this year's group of players has done a terrific job. At 5-1 they are in the ... More


The Big Picture 08 – Thanks to the Guys on the Field

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Thank you to the guys on the field! October 2, 2008 Langhorne: Now that the 2008 season is blasting along at breakneck speed (have 5 games already been played), I thought it might be a nice idea for all of us to take a moment to recognize just how lucky we are to have our boys out ... More


The Big Picture 36 – Schmidt Banks 100th Win

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Schmidt coached 'Skins bank 100th win September 12, 2008 LANGHORNE: With Neshaminy's victory over the Germantown tonight, Coach Schmidt snagged his 100th career win while at the helm of the Redskins. Pushing his overall record to 100 and 50, Schmidt now owns another record for head honchos ... More

2008 Youth Football Camp - 034

The Big Picture 07 – Back to the Future

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter Back To The Future August 10, 2008 LANGHORNE: First of all, let's make one thing clear (from my perspective); thank goodness the high school football season is just about to get in gear! This waiting around for 8 months is just way too long. Basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis, ... More


The Big Picture 06 – It won′t be long now!

The BIG Picture BY Paula G. Ace Sports Reporter It won′t be long now! July 1, 2008 CONCORD: Thought I'd take a moment to drop everyone a note so you'll know I'm still here (I am and I'm fine). And in case you're wondering what I've been doing lately, rest assured that just like all of you, I'm counting the days till the season ... More

Bucks county challenger

The Challenge Project

Neshaminy Football Players Show Their Support March 16, 2008 BUCKS CO., Pa. (CBS 3) ― It was a rare opportunity for a special group of football players Sunday. A local high school team took youngsters under their wing and gave them support and inspiration through the game of football. They call themselves the Challenger team. With a few ... More