2015 N Club

Responsibilities for all Varsity Home Games:

Freshman Parents

Game Day Books - Selling of the Football Programs for all home games until half-time during the regular season

Snack for 9th grade team away games Provide Pretzel and Gatorades

Pride Wear Apparel Table - Assist with set up and selling of apparel for Freshman Home games

Freshman Coordinator is Tonya Buchys

Sophomore Parents

Snack Stand - Assisting in the Snack Stand set up and staffing the Snack stand from 5:30 pm thru the end of half-time or Staffing the Snack stand from the end of half-time thru the stand clean up at the end of all home the games. Note Playoff games are included.

Training Camp Lunches - This is mandatory for all sophomore parents. Sophomore parents team up to prepare Coaches, Trainers, and Assistants lunches for the 2 weeks of Football camp in August. Normally, sophomore parents team up in groups of 4 to prepare a healthy lunch for the 10 weekdays of camp.

Sophomore Coordinator is Nancy Silenok

Junior Parents

50/50s - Selling the 50/50 Tickets prior to the home games until half-time. Working in teams is a great way to have fun and achieve this task.

Pride Wear Apparel Table - Assist in setting up tables and selling the Neshaminy Football Apparel (PRIDE ITEMS) prior to and up to the 3rd quarter of all home games.

Requested normal arrival time is 5:30 pm for all night home games 1 hours prior to kick off

Junior Coordinators are Mike and Leanne Raab

Senior Parents

Pasta Parties Host/Organize for the seniors and starting players the Thursday evening prior to a Friday Night Game. Our senior Families often work together to prepare or organize the food for the players and the Pasta Party is held at a designated location.

Senior Day Preparation and Organization of presentation to the Players and their parents

Senior Banquet - Preparation and Organization of presentation to the Players

Senior Coordinator is Gwen Minotti

All Parents - Dedication

Ad Sponsorship Each player is responsible for a full page of ads. This can be a combination of smaller ads or a single full page ad. The ad book is a critical source of revenue for the team and the players. Click here for the 2015 business ad form.

Please keep in mind the dedication and hard work our sons put forth each day on the field and in the gym. In return, demonstrating our involvement as parents that support our sons dreams to play High School football is crucial! Please be sure to fulfill your individual commitment to the team. The mandatory duties listed above are some of the key elements that must be fulfilled in order for your son to qualify for his 2 year Football Jacket!

General Information

If your son has decided not to play please contact one of the N Club Officers. When turning in dues money, ad campaign paperwork or anything else you can do the following:

Mail P.O. Box 548, Langhorne, PA 19047

Contact an N-Club Officer and make other arrangements.

Email is a good way to get in touch with the N-Club. Our email communications liaison is Andy Sanko. You can contact him at Nnclubandy@gmail.com.