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There are so many wonderful folks who assisted in the creation of this site. Neshaminy alumni are a very special group! The best part of working with the Alumni is hearing their stories - stories of their experience of being a Redskin. We would be amiss not to give them a shout out. Note that we are working to get all the original donator's names (2005 to 2013) to the web and will update this list once they are received.

  • Bruce Traney and Bob Willets without whom none of this would have been possible. Their dedication and years! of work on the site over the years is immeasurable.
  • Jesse Garber whose thousands of photos grace the pages of this site. His contribution is outstanding and words cannot express our gratitude! He is the MVP of our media.
  • Tom Magdelinskas who ensures that we get access to all the memorabilia left at the school
  • Coach Wilmot for allowing us 2 year unlimited access to the treasure trove of VHS and reel-to-reels stored in the Football equipment room
  • Wayne Inky Schneider, former Redskin and his son Craig Schneider for most of the media we have for the 1940s
  • Vince Sannelli, former Redskin and his wonderful Mom for all the ad programs and photos from the late 80s
  • Brenda Masulis, Don Cameron's daughter for her ad programs and so many very wonderful treasures!
  • Chuck Gearhart, former Redskin for the 1969 videos - the oldest full games we have!
  • Jason Bowman, former Redskin for his videos and stories
  • Ralph Taylor, former Redskin for his videos and stories
  • Dave Sommers, former Redskin for his videos and stories
  • Scott Obringer, former Redskin for his cache of reel-to-reels and his 1980 information
  • Bob Barr, former Redskin & Hall of Famer for his ad programs and the 1962 Pennsbury game
  • Joe Chamberlain, former Redskin, Coach & Hall of Famer for all his information
  • Leon Traney, Founder of the N-Club (father of Bruce former Redskin) for tons of memorabilia
  • Harry & Joan Franks, the legendary coach for all his information
  • Jesse Lamberth, former Redskin for for all the ad programs and information from the late 90s
  • Craig Johns, former Redskin for his 60s ad programs and his great stories
  • Chad Watkins, son of Bill Watkins former Redskin for his 1959 game video
  • David Braksator, former Redskin for his help with his and his brother Glenn's College photos
  • Don Wiater Father of Jason Wiater for gathering all of those college photos in the football office
  • Doug Rosnick, former Redskin for his help with college photos
  • David Braksator, former Redskin #74 1991- for his help with college photos
  • College Players and their Moms, Redskin alumni from 2011 to 2019 for their college football photos


Hall of Fame area Heartbreak Ridge 2018


"Time will never dim the glory of the Neshaminy Redskins" - Harry E. Franks