1989 Season Recap

In Chaump’s third year the ‘Skins look loaded as the junior class from ’88 is expected to continue their work in 1989. It doesn’t pan out, though, as the team delivers a sub-par 7-4 season. But two stalwarts, quarterback James Franklin and defensive end and linebacker Mike Frederick, go on to the next level. After Frederick stars at Virginia he then plays for Baltimore, Cleveland and Tennessee in the NFL. Franklin starred as a quarterback for East Stroudsburg while he then decides coaching is his calling. His long career since his graduation in 1994 eventually leads to his selection in 2011 as the head man at Vanderbilt of the SEC.

We wish to thank Mrs. Sannelli and her son Vince for all their assistance with media for 1988 and 1989.



1989 Neshaminy Redskins


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Season Quick View

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Game programs available here

Sep. 8FridayBishop EganHome7:30pm350
Sep. 15FridayAbingtonHome7:30pm3527
Sep. 22FridayCentral Bucks WestAway7:30pm2713
Sep. 28ThursdayCentral Bucks EastHome7:30pm1714
Oct. 6FridayNorristownAway7:30pm1521
Oct. 14SaturdayPennridgeHome1:30pm286
Oct. 20FridayBensalemHome7:30pm270
Oct. 27FridayCouncil RockHome7:30pm710
Nov. 4SaturdayHarry S. TrumanAway2:00pm280
Nov. 11SaturdayWilliam TennentAway1:30pm67
Nov. 18SaturdayPennsburyAway1:30pm627
Pts Avg2111.36
* Homecoming **Senior Night

Redskin 11

There were 12 players selected to the Redskin 11.

7Doug Roskos
10Cornelius White
11James Franklin
16Mike Frederick
25Jason Todd
42Dwight Roskos
46Craig Adamson
55Chris Teti
57Fred Dolt
59Brian Goss
79Andrew Milnick
94Anthony Rudy

Redskin Awards

Mr. Redskin − Mike Frederick
Mr. Back Offense − Rob Latronica
Mr. Back Offense − James Franklin
Mr. Back Defense − Dwight Roskos
Mr. Lineman Offense − Vince Sanelli
Mr. Lineman Defense − Chris Teti
Mr. 3D − Todd Altman
Mr. Unsung Hero Offense − John Weinberg
Mr. Unsung Hero Defense − Charlie Spence
Mr. Linebacker − Jason Hillaert
Mr. Iron Man − Fred Solt

All Suburban One

Suburban One League National Conference Pioneer Division

1stOQBJames Franklin12
1stORBRob Latronia12
1stOEMike Frederick12
1stOTVince Sanelli12
1stDDLChris Teti12
1stDLBMike Frederick12
1stDBDwight Roskos12
2ndOWRCornelius White11
2ndOGJohn Wineburg12
2ndOPMike Frederick12
2ndDECharles Spence12
2ndDLBJason Hillaert12
2ndDBDave Faulkner12
HMORBTodd Altman12
HMOCChris Rogers11
HMOPKMike Ramos12
HMDLBTodd Altman12

Golden Team

1989 Golden Team (Golden 35)

1stOQBJames Franklin12
1stORBRob Latronica12
1stOTEMike Frederick12
1stOTVince Sanelli12
1stDLBMike Frederick12
1stDBDwight Roskos12

Trentonian All-Lower Bucks

1stOOLVince Sanelli12
1stOTEMike Frederick12
1stORBRob Latronica12
1stDDBDwight Roskos12
1stDTEChris Teti12
1stDLBJason Hillaert12
HMDLBTodd Altman12
HMDDBDave Faulkner12

Bucks All Area

1stOOLVince Sanelli12
1stDLBMike Frederick12
1stDBDwight Roskos12
2ndOQBJames Franklin12

All Bucks

1stOQBJames Franklin12
1stORBRob Latronica12
1stOOLVince Sanelli12
1stOWRMike Frederick12
1stDDBDwight Roskos12
2ndOKMike Ramos12
2ndDDLChris Teti12
2ndOLBJason Hillaert12

HOF Inductees

1989 Monty Ahlum 1953-54-55 E
1989 Chris Bahr 1968-69-70 K
1989 Fred Buhner 1953-1954 L
1989 Mike Clark 1963-1964 C
1989 Ken Kauffman 1951-52-53 B
1989 Doug Mason 1967-1968 QB
1989 Bill McCahan 1936-37-38 B
1989 Anthony Salem 1972-now DS
1989 Bruce Sauerbry 1964-65-66 L
1989 Phil Silas 1969-1970 L
1989 Mark Strawbridge 1970-71-72 L
1989 George Watkins 1973-1974 E
1989 Eli Weissman 1974-1975 E

All State

Associated Press All-State Redskin

Mike Frederock

1989 Senior 16 Mike Frederick

1989 Senior 16 Mike Frederick

Big 33

Mike Frederick was selected to play in the Big 33 game held in the summer of 1990

1989 Senior 16 Mike Frederick

1989 Senior 16 Mike Frederick

College Players

Mike Frederick

Class of 1990 Frederick_Mike University of Virginia

Class of 1990 Mike Frederick University of Virginia

Bill Vergantino

Class of 1990 Vergantino_Bill_Univ of Delaware

Class of 1990 Bill Vergantino Univ of Delaware

James Franklin

Class of 1990 Franklin_James_East_Stroudsberg

Class of 1990 James Franklin East_Stroudsberg

Darren Bethke

Class of 1990 Bethke_Darren Delaware Valley College

Class of 1990 Darren Bethke Delaware Valley College

All Star Game

Annual 1990 Bob Sands Memorial Bucks County Lions All-Star Football Classic

The Bucks County All Star game was played at 8:00 PM on Sunday, June 3rd, 1990 at Neshaminy High School featuring 1989 season players.





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