2023 Band

2023-2024 Neshaminy HS Marching Band


2023 - 24 Neshaminy HS Marching Band

From Director Mike Pettis: 

We are proud to present the 2023-24 Neshaminy High School Marching Band. This year the band is comprised of 105 members, which include 23 color guard and 82 musicians. The band is lead on the field by Drum Majors Sarah Kramer, Chris Dowis, and Alyssa Loudon. The Band Director is Michael W. Pettis. Band Staff includes Justin Aungst, Jason Wu, Becky Raffin, Meagan Veacock, Trent Detweiler, Josh Campbell, Sam Monroe, Nick LaRoza, Eli Morrison, Nick Coppock, Bennett Stump, Brook Rees, Greg Beatty, Izzy Galo, and Messila Jacobs. Music arrangements are by Michael W. Pettis. Battery percussion arrangements are by Josh Campbell. Front Ensemble arrangements are by Bennett Stump. Drill design is by Sharbel Skaff.

The Marching Band will be kept busy this fall with performances at Neshaminy Football games. As well as participating in a full schedule of Marching Band Competitions in the Cavalcade of Bands circuit throughout the fall season. We will host our own 30th Annual Kaleidoscope of Bands Show on Saturday, October 21.

In our 2023 production, “The Grid”, we discover how our curiosity can lead us to places we do not want to stay, but how will we get out?  We open our show with David Gillingham’s “With Heart and Voice”. We demonstrate the beauty, wonder, and joy that life can bring through the luxurious music and shapes on the field featuring Alto Saxophone soloist, Romeo Angelini. However, our curiosity is peaked as a pathway opens to a mysterious new world. As we crossover into this new place, our movements become very constrict and defined to angles. Individuality is lost. When the last person crosses over the line, we realize that we “got in” …to, The Grid. Source music through out this section is “The Grid” by Daft Punk. As we traverse the grid, we find ourselves in the mist of a battle between Player 1 and Player 2. This scene is set to “Rinzler” by Daft Punk. Who will win? Realizing we are stuck in the grid; a golden light comes to free the us from the grids effect. One by one, we are released and remember what it was to live in beauty, wonder, and joy as we perform “Light in the Hallway” by Pentatonix featuring Tenor Sax Soloist, Jack Wallover. In the End, we realize that our happiness is only made better by the struggle we went through to get here. We close performing “With Heart and Voice”.

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2023 Seniors

2024 Seniors

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2023 Student Leaders

2023 Student Leaders

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