Great Moments Volume 6 Edition 10

Great Neshaminy Moments

Volume 6 | Edition 10

December 2004. Like a newly formed planet that is cooling off and giving off steam, was born in late 2004. It was empty and chaotic. It needed a sense of purpose. It needed life. It needed synergy.

Feeling like I had started something that I could not finish, I was asking myself "what the heck were you thinking, this is way over your head". Little did I know how quickly all of that would change, because out of the cosmos came Bruce Traney. It was a name that I was not familiar with, but also, it was a name I will never forget. Bruce and I began to forge the foundations of what we have today on this website. is what it is because of a unique working partnership that I am proud to be a part of. is a direct result of Bruce and I working together to bring all of what you see here. To be even more specific, the Great Moments section of this website is a result of me wanting to preserve history & Bruce knowing how to do it. Our skills compliment each other, and never compete. I am the technical guru of what you see here and Bruce provides all of the writing, color and flare.

As you browse through these 50+ Neshaminy Great Moments, be sure to know that Bruce Traney is the driving force behind all of them. Every summer, Bruce would send me a full season of Great Moments. Bruce left nothing to my imagination. Bruce would email me the story (as a Word document), the lead-in, the editor's note, and all of the necessary pictures. Bruce would even tell me which picture went where in the story.

If you appreciate reading through 80 years worth of Neshaminy Great Moments, use the contact form send a thanks to Bruce Traney for interrupting his life & work to make all of these possible. Thank You Bruce Traney!