1967 Season Recap

Pete Cordelli, Sr. becomes head coach and helps right the ship after the tough 1966 campaign, the first without Franks or Petercuskie in 14 years. Cordelli helps to get the team back on track, despite a losing campaign punctuated by another series of close call losses as in ’66. Cordelli retires after the end of the campaign.

We need to thank the following alumni for their assistance with media: Craig Johns, Kris and Bruce Traney and Tom Beccone. Without their help this page would not have been possible!



1967 Neshaminy Redskins


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Season Quick View

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Game programs available here

Sep. 8FridayBishop EganHome8:00pm021
Sep. 15FridayPennridgeAway8:00pm2012
Sep. 22FridayEastonHome8:00pm027
Sep. 29FridayWilliam AllenAway8:00pm76
Oct. 6FridayLouis E. DieruffAway8:00pm1314
Oct. 13FridayLibertyHome8:00pm3340
Oct. 28SaturdayWilliam TennentAway2:00pm2628
Nov. 3FridayBishop McDevittHome8:00pm207
Nov. 10FridayPennsburyHome8:00pm728
Nov. 17FridayWoodrow WilsonAway8:00pm1314
Pts Avg13.319.7
* Homecoming **Senior Night

Redskin Awards

Mr. Redskin − Craig Johns
Mr. Back − William Daenz
Mr. Lineman − Bruce Haynes
Mr. 3D Award − Tom Prendergast
Unsung Hero − Bruce Madden
Unsung Hero − William Swenson

This photo was submitted by Craig Johns, 1967 recipient of the title Mr. Redskin. Craig was instrumental in supplying us with a ton of info (some of it still being processed as we are swamped with memorabilia right now - always a good thing!) including his jersey, which we were thrilled to receive. Craig took the honor to heart and christened his vehicle with a shout out to the Neshaminy Redskins! As Craig says, "Proud to still be a Redskin after 55 Years".

Mr Redskin 1967

Mr Redskin 1967

Big 6 Selections

1stOTBruce Haynes12
1stOBCraig Johns12
1stDBBill Daens12
1stDCTim Michaels11
HM OEJohn Gorski12
HM OGJohn Westlake12
HM OTPeter Markman11
HM OEPhillip Mahoney12
HM DGBrian Ryder12
HM DBBruce Madden12
HM DTNick Fizzano12
HM DTWilliam Swenson12

All-Lower Bucks

1stOTBruce Haynes12
1stOBCraig Johns12
1stOGJohn Westlake12
1stDBBill Daens12
2ndDTWilliam Swenson12
2ndDBBruce Madden12

All-Lower Bucks Section One

1stOBBill Daens12
1stOTBruce Haynes12
1stDTNick Fizzano12
1stDBSteve Sroba10
1stDEWilliam Swenson12
HMOGBrian Ryder12
HMOBCraig Johns12
HMOTJoe Ramos12
HMOGJohn Westlake12
HMDBBruce Madden12
HMDBTom Prendergast12
HMDEWilliam Mahoney12

Bucks All Area

1stOTBruce Haynes12
1stDTWilliam Swenson12
HMOTNick Fizzano12
HMDBBill Daens12
HMDBSteve Sroba10

All Delaware Valley

3rdOBCraig Johns12
3rdDBBill Deans12

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