Great Moments Volume 5 Edition 8

Great Neshaminy Moments

Volume 5 | Edition 8

September 1929. Over the years the 'Skins have scored several thousands of touchdowns and extra points plus several hundreds of field goals. But still, just like everything else - the first step that leads to a walk and then a run or the first mile in the thousand-mile journey - there has to be a first score for any new athletic team. And after playing just one game in 1928, which ended as a 13-0 loss to neighboring Newtown, the Redskins opened the '29 campaign both on the road again and facing the same club, Newtown. But perhaps the fact that it was a "veteran" team of players traveling to Pickering Field that caused a more confident group of Moleskinners to step out on the gridiron that day. Looking lively from the start, Langhorne drew first blood in the opening quarter, and created history too, when fullback Charlie Carter found end George Paxson open in the end zone and the two connected on a 20-yard pass for the games first "TD" that day as well as the first six-points in Redskins history. Still, the "Iron Horse", as the Newtowners were then known, refused to play dead as they managed to rally for two scores and the win. Continuing to learn "on the job", though, in a rematch in Langhorne later that year, the 'Skins also holstered another "first" when they turned back Newtown, 13-7, for their inagural victory of that season and for all time too.




 Victors Squeeze Out
Winning Tally in Last Quarter




 As reported in  The Newtown Enterprise

2009 Great Moment - 1929 Charlie Carter

1929 Charlie Carter

NEWTOWN − One of the largest crowds ever assembled at Pickering Field, in Newtown, were witness to a nip and tuck football game in which Newtown’s Iron Horse proved to be the master of Langhorne.

Newtown won the toss up and chose to receive the ball but soon lost the pigskin on downs, chiefly due to the lack of experience on the part of the second team that had started the game. Langhorne now had possession of the ball on Newtown’s 40-yard line and in a few plays advanced it to the 20-yard line from where [Charles] Carter threw a beautiful pass to [George] Paxson, who caught it in the end zone for the game’s first score; the try for the extra point was blocked. While the quick score took the Iron Horsemen by surprise, they managed to hold their own with Langhorne for the rest of the period.

2009 Great Moment - 1929 George Paxson

1929 George Paxson

At the start of the second period Newtown’s first string then went in and now its tactics were offensive instead of defensive. Playing straight football, the Iron Horse carried the ball down the field in almost a steady trot, Shields and Barone doing most of the ball carrying. A low pass from the center caused “Red” White to fumble the ball on his own 30-yard line, but he recovered it quickly and with a burst of speed made a wide end run for a touchdown; just as the try for the extra point proved to be unsuccessful the whistle blew closing the second period with both teams deadlocked at six.

2009 Great Moment - 1929 Coach Charlie Beck picture

1929 Coach Charlie Beck

The last half opened finding both sides trying hard to break the tie. Langhorne’s trick plays and passes had Newtown guessing and were it not for the bang up defensive plays by Newtown’s backs, the visitors would have scored again, for their thrusts always found an opening at the weak center of the line. However, the Iron Horse was not to be outdone, for in the last minutes of play it started another gallop to the goal line and the winning touchdown, this time Shields carried the ball over for the counter, while White on an end run accounted for the extra point.

Newtown showed the superior strength, scoring eleven first downs as to Langhorne’s five; Langhorne tried five forward passes and completed four and Newtown completed one out of the two attempted. The game was minus many penalties and was the hard fought kind that pleased the spectators.

2009 Great Moment 1929_team

1929 Langhorne-Middletown Team

Editor’s Note: After 81 seasons of play, the Redskins have logged over 15,000 points with all of them traced back to that game in 1929 and the pass route run by George Paxson and aerial strike tossed by Charles Carter which found its mark. Plus in addition to that first passing combination and score, ’29 was also the first full campaign for the ‘Skins as 1928 had really been just a one-game warm-up season. And 1929 was also head Coach Charlie Beck’s first of fourteen years in charge of the Moleskinnners as he took over from William Thomas who was the school’s full-time principal who had served as head football coach for that short 1928 effort. Although Beck couldn’t know it that year, the 14 seasons would be the benchmark for “years coached” until broken by head man Mark Schmidt when he logged his fifteenth at the helm during the 2009 undertaking. Interestingly, and as noted in the article, the Newtown club was then known as the “Iron Horse” owing to the train stop in their town with their more “modern” nickname of “Indians” not being adopted for a number of years. Also, end George Paxson is identified as a “scrub” or non-starter football player in his school picture yet he can still lay claim to being the first Langhorne gridder to have found the Promised Land. Be that as it may, 1929 was a year of many “firsts” for the Langhorne school and the players and teams that have followed no doubt owe a debt of gratitude to those pioneering boys and their coach as they put in place the foundation for what would ultimately become one of the Keystone state’s premier grid scholastic programs