1971 Season Recap

At 11-0-0, the Swartz coached team posts the best record ever by a Redskin team. In the pre-statewide playoff days, the UPI votes Neshaminy number one in the state while Kiski Area outside Pittsburgh gets the nod from the AP while the Saylor Ratings have the Cavaliers at .544 and Neshaminy at .537 which are the two highest in PA that year. Three Redskins are named first team all state (Pete Cordelli, Dale Forchetti and Chuck Lodge) with three 1st team all state selections from one team not only a first for Neshaminy but also a first for any Pennsylvania club. A fourth player, Bruce McHale, earns honorable mention, with the total of four “all-staters” the most ‘Skins in a single season to that year. McHale was also honored as a center in 1970 and then as an “end” in the 1971. He is the first Redskin to be selected all state at two different positions. Cordelli throws an LBC record 24 touchdown passes and Forchetti wins the scoring title as a receiver, a first in Lower Bucks. Forchetti is also the third Redskin to earn scholastic all American recognition.

The team takes the LBC championship, number 18 for the ‘Skins, while also claiming the Big 7 league title and which then consists of Allentown Allen, Allentown Dieruff, Bethlehem Liberty, Bethlehem Freedom, Easton, Pennsbury and Neshaminy. Particularly satisfying during the season was a 33-6 win over Bethlehem which had ruined the previous year with its 22-6 win in Bethlehem. In the season-ender, against a bruising 9-1 Pennsbury team that had dropped a 6-0 game against Bethlehem in the rain, 15,000 fans jammed into Neshaminy’s stadium setting a record for the most fans at a sporting event in Bucks County. The crowd was left breathless as the ‘Skins rallied from a slow start and 10-0 deficit to take the game, 21-17.

Following the ’71 season eleven of its starters, three juniors and eight seniors, will eventually be offered University Division (now D1) scholarships, while six of them will earn all state honors (juniors Joe Sroba, younger brother of Steve, and Mark Strawbridge garner the nod in 1972 when they are seniors). Cordelli goes on to a long coaching career including serving as an assistant coach on Notre Dame’s 1988 national championship team while Lodge plays at NC State and then Villanova. He sees action in several major Bowl games with the Tarheels while later earning all-East honors as a Wildcat. McHale is a member of Penn State’s 1974 Orange Bowl team. Other schools that see Redskins from its ’71 team include Southern Miss, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Yale, Cincinnati and Army.


1971 Neshaminy Redskins

1971 Neshaminy Redskins


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Sep. 10FridayBishop EganHome7:30pm278
Oct. 1FridayWilliam AllenAway7:30pm337
Oct. 8FridayLouis E. DieruffAway7:30pm268
Oct. 15FridayLibertyHome7:30pm336
Oct. 22FridayBensalemAway7:30pm490
Oct. 29FridayWoodrow WilsonAway7:30pm346
Nov. 5FridayFreedomHome7:30pm348
Nov. 12FridayCouncil RockAway7:30pm340
Nov. 20SaturdayPennsburyHome2:00pm2117
Pts Avg33.738.18
* Homecoming **Senior Night

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Lower Bucks County League,
Section One – Champions
League record: 4-0 | Overall record: 11-0
League members: Bensalem, Council Rock, Neshaminy,
Pennsbury & Woodrow Wilson

Big Seven Conference – Champions
Conference record: 6-0 | Overall record: 11-0
Conference members: Easton, Freedom, Liberty, Louis E. Dieruff,
Neshaminy, Pennsbury & William Allen

Coaching Staff

1971 Coaching Staff

1971 Coaching Staff


Pete Cordelli

#10 Pete Cordelli

Jay Sidman

#13 Jay Sidman

Dale Forchetti

#14 Dale Forchetti

Mike Pannucci

#20 Mike Pannucci

Jeff Schenefelt

#21 Jeff Schenefelt

Gary Pento

#21 Gary Pento

Rich Kautter

#22 Rich Kautter

Bill Trabosh

#24 Bill Trabosh

Bruce Traney

#33 Bruce Traney

Rich Mcintyre

#35 Rich Mcintyre

Joe Carney

#36 Joe Carney

Bill Mote

#40 Bill Mote

Pete Schupakas

#41 Pete Schupakas

Dave Pyle

#42 Dave Pyle

Bruce McHale

#43 Bruce McHale

Steve Shaller

#44 Steve Shaller

Chuck Lodge

#50 Chuck Lodge

Dave Pollock

#51 Dave Pollock

Charles Conger

#60 Charles Conger

Joe Chamberlain

#63 Joe Chamberlain

Rich Gehring

#65 Rich Gehring

Don Whitesell

#66 Don Whitesell

Dan Meier

#71 Dan Meier

Steve Luce

#72 Steve Luce

Den Whitesell

#75 Den Whitesell

Joe Neky

#80 Joe Neky

Pete Sabol

#81 Pete Sabol

Miek Craig

#82 Mike Craig


Joe Connaughton

#85 Joe Connaughton

Associated Press All-State Redskins

Dale Forchetti

1971 Senior 14 Dale Forchetti

1971 Senior 14 Dale Forchetti

Chuck Lodge

1971 Senior 50 Chuck Lodge

1971 Senior 50 Chuck Lodge

Pete Cordelli

1971 Senior 10 Pete Cordelli

1971 Senior 10 Pete Cordelli

Bruce McHale

1971 Senior 43 Bruce McHale

1971 Senior 43 Bruce McHale

United Press All-State Redskins

Dale Forchetti

1971 Senior 14 Dale Forchetti

1971 Senior 14 Dale Forchetti

Chuck Lodge

1971 Senior 50 Chuck Lodge

1971 Senior 50 Chuck Lodge

Pete Cordelli

1971 Senior 10 Pete Cordelli

1971 Senior 10 Pete Cordelli

Bruce McHale

1971 Senior 43 Bruce McHale

1971 Senior 43 Bruce McHale

Redskin Awards

Mr. Redskin − Bruce McHale
Mr. Back − Pete Cordelli, Jr.
Mr. Lineman − Chuck Lodge
Mr. 3D − Bruce Traney
Unsung Hero − Dave Pyle
Mr. Offense – Dale Forchetti
Mr. Defense – Dan Meier
The Hurst Award – Joe Chamberlain

Captains - Please contact us if you have this information

Big 7 All Star Selection

1stOQBPete Cordelli 12
1stOEDale Forchetti12
1stOFBBruce Traney12
1stOGCharlie Conger12
1stOCChuck Lodge12
1stOEBruce McHale12
1stDTDan Meier12
1stDTMark Strawbridge11
1stDLBBruce McHale12
HMORBPete Schupakas12
HMOTBen Watson11
HMOGJoe Chamberlain12
HMDE Dale Forchetti12
HMDDBJeff SchenefeltDB
HMDLBJoe Neky12
HMDLBChuck Lodge12

Trentonian All Area All Bucks

1stOQBPete Cordelli 12
1stOEDale Forchetti12
1stOGCharlie Conger12
1stOCChuck Lodge12
1stDLBBruce McHale12
1stDLBJoe Neky12
2ndDDBJeff Schenefelt12
3rdDTDan Meier12

Phila Inquirer All Area

1stOQBPete Cordelli12
1stOEBruce McHale12
1stOCChuck Lodge12
1stSEDale Forchetti12

Courier Times All Area

1stOQBPete Cordelli 12
1stOEDale Forchetti12
1stOGCharlie Conger12
1stOCChuck Lodge12
1stOFBBruce Traney12
1stOHBJoe Sroba11
1stOGBen Watson11
1stDLBBruce McHale12
1stDLBJoe Neky12
1stDLBChuck Lodge12
1stDDBJeff Schenefelt12
2ndOEBruce McHale12
2ndOGJoe Chamberlain12
2ndOKRich McIntyre12
2ndDTDan Meier12
2ndDMGDave Pyle12
2ndDDBJay Sidman12
3rdOTJerry Coniglio11

Courier Times Player of the Year

1971 Senior 14 Dale Forchetti

1971 Senior 14 Dale Forchetti

Courier Times Coach of the Year

Jack Swartz was named Bucks County Courier Times Coach of the Year

The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Sat__Sep_25__1971_Coach Swartz Easton Game Article

The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Sat__Sep_25__1971_Coach Swartz

Hurst Award

Hurst Award

Big 33

The  1972 Big 33 game (1971 players) was played on August 19, 1972 at Hershey Stadium in Hershey Pa. Kick off was at 8:00 PM.

Sixty players were invited to a training camp for try outs and only 33 were selected based on camp results.

Dale Forchetti

1971 Senior 14 Dale Forchetti

1971 Senior 14 Dale Forchetti

Chuck Lodge

1971 Senior 50 Chuck Lodge

1971 Senior 50 Chuck Lodge

College Players

Pete Cordelli

Class of 1972 Cordelli Jr_Pete North Carolina State University

Class of 1972 Pete Cordelli Jr North Carolina State University

Chuck Lodge

Class of 1972 Lodge_Chuck North Carolina State University

Class of 1972 Chuck Lodge North Carolina State University

Bruce Traney

Class of 1972 Traney_Bruce Georgia Tech

Class of 1972 Bruce Traney Georgia Tech

Dan Meier

Class of 1972 Meier_Danny North Carolina State University

Class of 1972 Danny Meier North Carolina State University

Pete Schupakas

Class of 1972 Pete Schupakas University of Virginia

Class of 1972 Pete Schupakas University of Virginia

Dave Pyle

Class of 1972 Dave Pyle West Point_

Class of 1972 Dave Pyle West Point_

All Star Game

1st Bucks County All-Star Football Classic

The Bucks County All Star Game for 1971 players was held Wednesday June 16th, 1972 at Neshaminy HS Football Stadium. Kick-off at 8 PM. The game was sponsored by the Cancer Society. They were the original sponsor of this game until 1975 when the Lions Club took over. The Lions Club continued to sponsor the All Star game until 2018. The game was played at Neshaminy from 1972 until 1975 when the teams began to rotate fields every year.

If you have any media from this game please contact us.

Pete CordelliNeshaminyQB6' 1"195
Dale ForchettiNeshaminyE5' 11"170
Jeff SchenefeltNeshaminyDB5' 10"165
Bruce TraneyNeshaminyFB6' 2:205
Pete SchupakasNeshaminyHB6' 3"210
Dave PyleNeshaminyLB6'200
Bruce McHaleNeshaminyE6' 2"192
Chuck LodgeNeshaminyC6' 2"205
Charles CongerNeshaminyG5' 9"170
Dan MeierNeshaminyT6' 1"215
Joe NekyNeshaminyDE5' 11"175

Pictured below is Neshaminy's Bruce Traney, MVP of the game (South) who had 151 rushing yards for the night, a record still unbroken.



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Game 9

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