1985 Season Recap

Neshaminy’s Football Hall of Fame is established. The inaugural class that year includes Franks, Petercuskie, Schneider, Baxter, Cameron, Carber, Cloak, Colbert, Schuh and Stricker. And Bedesem continues to deliver as his ’85 club earns an 8-3 record on the field.

A special note of thanks to Tim Ford 1985 Season Senior and 1986 Grad for his stories, media and information!

1985 Team Photo

1985 Neshaminy Redskins


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Season Quick View

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Game programs available here

Sep. 6FridayBishop EganHome7:30pm277
Sep. 13FridayNorth PennAway8:00pm032
Sep. 20FridayCentral Bucks WestHome7:30pm1628
Sep. 27FridayBensalemHome7:30pm2114
Oct. 4FridayCouncil RockHome7:30pm217
Oct. 12SaturdayWilliam TennentAway1:30pm2112
Oct. 19SaturdayTruman*Home1:30pm286
Oct. 25FridayNorristownAway7:30pm2019
Nov. 1FridayAbingtonHome7:30pm280
Nov. 9SaturdayPennsburyAway1:30pm714
Nov. 18MondayMethactonAway2:00pm2717
Pts Avg19.6414.20
* Homecoming **Senior Night

Redskin 11

1Dan Weissenberg
2Butch Lange
3Rockie Spadaccino
10Tim Ford
22Dan Santhouse
23Bill Calvert
50Bill Cimochowki
71Chris Gettis
79Terry Murphy
84Bill Magdelinskas
88Lu Patella

Redskin Awards

Mr. Redskin − Tim Ford
Mr. Redskin − Dan Santhouse
Mr. Lineman - Terry Murphy
Mr. 3D - Bill Cimochowski
Mr. O Back - Jim Dougherty
Mr. D Back - Phil (Butch) Lange
Mr. Unsung Hero − John Hemple
Captains - #10 Tim Ford and #22 Dan Santhouse


All SOL National Team

1stOOLTerry Murphy12
HMOQBTim Ford12
HMORBBill Clemens12
HMOCChuck Gettis11
HMOOLPat O'Brien12
HMDKTom Waterbro12
HMDDLSteve Spong11
HMDLBMike Bagnarelli11
HMDDBDan Santhouse12

Golden Teams (Golden 30)

1stOTTerry Murphy12
1stOCChuck Gettis11
1stDBDan Santhouse12
2ndOELou Patella12
2ndOGPat O'Brien12
2ndOQBTim Ford12
2ndORBBill Clemmens12
2ndOKTom Waterbor12
HMOWRScott Raike12
HMOTJohn Allen11
HMORBJim Dougherty11
HMDESteve Dorwart11
HMDLSteve Spong11
HMDLBMike Bagnarelli11
HMDBButch Lange12

Daily News All-Suburban

1stOOLTerry Murphy12
HMOQBTim Ford12
HMORBBill Clemens12
HMO CChuck Gettis11
HMOOLPat O'Brien12
HMDDLSteve Spong11
HMDLBMike Bagnarelli11
HMDDBDan Santhouse12
HMDPTom Waterbor12

Hurst Award

Tim Ford is the 1985 recipient of the Hurst Award

1985 Photo 1

1985 QB Tim Ford

HOF Inductees

HOF Year 1_1985

HOF Year 1_1985


1985 HOF 1st Inductees

1985 HOF 1st Inductees

All Star Game

Bob Sands Memorial Bucks County Lions All-Star Football Classic

The Bucks County All Star game with 1985 players was played Saturday June 7th, 1986 At War Memorial Stadium in Doylestown Kick-off at 8 PM

Players selected were Tim Ford - Captain, Phil Lange, Tim Waterbor, Bill Clemens, Terry Murphy and Dan Santhouse. Note that Tim Waterbor was unable to play due to his American Legion baseball schedule.

1985 Senior 2 Butch Lange

1985 Senior 2 Butch Lange

1985 Senior 10 Tim Ford

1985 Senior 10 Tim Ford

1985 Senior 22 Dan Santhouse

1985 Senior 22 Dan Santhouse

1985 Senior 30 Tim Waterbor

1985 Senior 30 Tim Waterbor

1985 Senior 34 Bill Clemens

1985 Senior 34 Bill Clemens

1985 Senior 79 Terry Murphy

1985 Senior 79 Terry Murphy

Photos From All-Star Football Classic

1986 All Star Game featuring 1985 Seniors 1

1986 All Star Game featuring 1985 Seniors 1

1986 All Star Game featuring 1985 Seniors 2

1986 All Star Game featuring 1985 Seniors 2

All Star Game Article 1

All Star Game Article 2

All Star Game Article 3

All Star Game Article 4

Newspaper Articles

The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Sun__Feb_10__1985_Earl Brown

1985 Preseason Article 2



Bucks_County_Courier_Sat_Sep_7_1985 Bishop Egan article

1985 Council Rock Game Article

1985 Council Rock Game Article 2

1985 Council Rock Game Article 3

The_Daily_News_Thu__Sep_12__1985_Big 33 Nominations


1985 Norristown Game Article


The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Thu__Oct_31__1985_Abington Pregame

1985 Abington Game Article+HOF Inductees

The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Tue__Nov_5__1985_SE PA Top Ten

The_Trenton_Times_Fri__Nov_8__1985 Pennsbury Pregame

Bucks_County_Courier_Sun_Nov_10_1985 Pennsbury Article


1985 Pennsbury Game Article

1985 Pennsbury Game Article 2


Philadelphia_Daily_News_Tue__Nov_19__1985_-1 Methacton Box Score

Philadelphia_Daily_News_Tue__Nov_19__1985_Methacton 1

1985 Methacton Game Article 

The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Sun__Nov_17__1985_Rain delay

1985 Stats

Philadelphia_Daily_News_Wed__Dec_18__1985_New League

Philadelphia_Daily_News_Tue__Dec_10__1985_Daily News All Suburban Team

The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Thu__Dec_19__1985_All District One

The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Mon__Dec_23__1985_Inquirer Game of the Season

1985 Golden Teams

The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Thu__Apr_24__1986_All Star Roster

The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Thu__May_29__1986_All Star Roster

The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Thu__Jun_12__1986_All Star Game

The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Mon__Jun_9__1986_All Star Game with 1985 players

Game 11

Featured Game of the Year - Game 11 against Methacton. There is a well remembered story about this game.

Per Tim Ford and Dan Santhouse, both seniors on the 1985 squad, "In the Methacton game from ’85, it was our last game and capping off an 8-3 season, was the post-game mudslide that Dan talks about in his interview. The memory of the game has faded a bit but we all still remember the mudslide! The game had to be played on a Monday afternoon because we got rained out on Saturday afternoon. It poured all day Saturday and the field was still wet and there was an adjacent soccer field near where we had to get the buses after the game. It was at the base of a hill and there was a huge mud puddle that formed from all the rain on the sideline of that soccer field. The team and the cheerleaders all ended up in that mud puddle and it was great way to enjoy our last game together and celebrate the best season Neshaminy Football had experienced in several seasons!"